About Hawassa

The lake side cityof Hawassa is situatedat a altitude of 1,685 meters above sea level in the Great Rift Valley region of east Africa, 275 kilo meters away from Addis Abeba and 1125 kilo meters North of Nairobi. Hawassa is one of the largest cities in Ethiopian Rift Valley, supporting a population of more than 400,000. The compact, attractively laid-out center has unusualvibrant and modern character. In addition to being a convenient staging post for journeys towards south Moyale, Hawassa is an amiable and comfortable place to spend a night or two, with the added bonus of lying on the easterly shore of the pretty Rift Valley Lake Hawassa. Many travelers merely pass through the Ethio-Kenyan international road; which links some of the major roads of the southern region together. The main attraction of the region is a string of six lakes stretched along the direction of Hawassa city. Any one traveling from Addis Abeba to Hawassa can easily watch these lakes namely: Lake Koka (manmade), Lake Ziway, Lake Langano, Lake Shalla, Lake Abijata and finally Lake Hawassa, which is situated on the out skirt of the eponymous town. The city’s orderly, shady avenues are laid down to the lushly vegetated shore of LakeHawassa. It is notable for its prolific birdlife, and the semi-habituated tree animals that clamber around the forested grounds. You might experience visiting different places around the world but what make Hawassacity different from others are the being home for different ethnic groups from all over the country. We hereby, invite you to have more inspiring memories that can awake your soul and have great memories for your life time.