Accessible Hotel

As a traveler with a disability, one of your most important tasks before any trip is making a wheelchair accessible hotel room reservation. You might use a power wheelchair due to cerebral palsy or other problems, and need physical assistance with basic tasks, so an accessible hotel room could essential to you. You might also need a roll in shower and two beds, which can be difficult to find in the same room. But over the years I have learned a lot from our study in the industry, and we have made an effort to help people with disabilities that travel.

Every guest at Godolias International Hotel, Hawassa deserves excellence in accommodation, great amenities, and surprising service. That is why we have implemented a accessibility features—both in our rooms and compound—to ensure the comfort and mobility of all. Should any of our guests require a bit more assistance in order to get the most out of their stay, we will always do our best to accommodate your every need.