Chair Massage

Since time immemorial humans and animals have been using various things from the environment to help relax their tired muscles and to remove the fatigue from their bodies. They have been using the benefits of a good massage to lead a healthier lifestyle. Since in the earlier times masseurs were easily available and convenient people never felt the need for any special instrument to help relax their tired muscles or get relief from pains.

To lead a healthy life free of pains, stress, and anxiety, this therapy has been added to the present-day wellness routine by doctors and therapists. There are many health benefits of a massage like helping one sleep better, relief from headaches, curing depression, distressing cancer afflicted people, helping elderly improve their balance, lowering blood pressure, decreasing the frequency of migraines in patients and helping in chronic pains in the neck or due to arthritis. The following are benefits of massaes chairs

Elevating moods

  • -They are extremely beneficial in homes or workplaces where people are under high levels of stress or anxiety

  • -They help to create endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin in the brain to help them feel happier, calmer and less hungry. The secretion of these happy hormones helps to reduce depression and make the person happier and more creative as you get to think clearly and evaluate the problem with a clearer and relaxed mind.

  • -They help in reducing headaches in people which are often caused by tensions in the neck and mind. As the massage loosens the tight muscles and improves the flow of the blood to those areas it helps the distressed patients.

  • -This improves mental health and gives the individual sitting on it a satisfying and pleasurable experience.

Rejuvenating therapy

  • -The massage chairs can help people get rid of their chronic pains and help recover from joint replacement pains.

  • -When sitting on them they help to relax the muscles of the neck, back, shoulders, around the chest and spine, thereby improving the posture, opening the lungs and improving the circulation in the body.

  • -With a session on these machines the blood flow increases in the body. When the flow increases the blood vessels expand and contract faster, helping the body remove waste products at a faster rate.

  • -Lactic acid is one such waste produced and the faster it is removed from the bloodstream the lesser is the body fatigue. Hence enabling the body to relax.

  • -Even people who exercise for long periods experience body pains due to muscle pulls during a long-distance run or during weight lifting. The best massage chair can help them by promoting the growth of cells which increases the stability and flexibility of the body. Thus helping them to do more tougher and vigorous exercises.

  • -They also enable better digestion of food, preventing internal infections and ensuring the food reaches all the organs before its excreted from the body. Thus renewing and revitalizing our body.

  • Immunity booster

  • -The massage chair helps in increasing the immunity of a person by strengthening the immune system. A session causes the white cells to increase rapidly which helps the body fight the disease in the body.

  • This is because these cells help to protect the body from disease-causing organisms by releasing antibodies to fight the pathogens or by ingesting the pathogens.

  • -Just an hour of the best massage chair session has a great impact on the immunity levels of a person.
  • Wind down

  • Stress is a big problem among today’s generation affecting their lifestyles and sleep pattern. A session with these full body massage chairs relaxes the brain and helps them sleep better thus patients with depression, heart problems or cancer feel and sleep better, after a rub down.

  • -The massage chair uses different types of methods like zero gravity which recline the chair to remove the weight of the body from the joints and bones.

  • -They use airbags, stretches, rollers, kneading and tapping features which help the individual get relief from pain in his back and foot muscles.

  • -They also stretch the muscles near the vertebrae in the spine and curvature of the spine making it a very stimulating experience like one would get from a personal trainer.